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Whether your students produced a few films or your school has a full fledged festival already up and running, we welcome your participation. The Student Indie Film Festival provides students from Montreal, Canada, and across the globe, a virtual forum for publishing film projects and sharing them with an authentic global audience.

Showcasing Student Work

Teachers from participating schools can simply register and submit Youtube URLs of their student’s vetted work to the festival. It is recommended that students publish their ‘teacher approved’ films on their own Youtube Channel or that of their school. This approach allows students or schools to remove a film from the Internet at any time should they so choose. We do not keep copies of films on our server. Content is own and managed by the film creators themselves.

On-line Festival & In-School Festivals

Local Viewings in Your School

Some schools already have their own festival. By participating in this project, school's would continue to showcase their students' work but would also be invited to include the public viewing of top rated films from the on-line festival.

On-line Viewing

All submitted films will be showcased on-line on the festivals site. Top rated films will be showcased under the "featured" films category.

Film Festival / Exemplars & Awards Ceremony 

Teachers from participating schools will have the choice of reviewing all submissions and selecting work that is exemplary from a variety of film categories. Google tools will be used to facilitate collaboration amongst teachers from different regions of the globe. The categories themselves may include short films, investigative documentary reports, animations, music videos, photography, stop motion, to name but a few. Prizes will be privately sponsored.

Fall Festival

We welcome submissions from the previous academic year for entry into this May's on-line festival.

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