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Here are all of the following categories for the 2021 Student Indie Film Festival:

-Short Film (Overall)

-COVID-19 Film

-Smartphone Film

-Audience Favourite Film

-Sports Film














-Visual Effects


1.Participants must be between 13-19 years old by the time the film festival happens. 

2. Films must have a maximum rating of PG-13. No R-rated or NSFW content, please. 

3. Works created between March 2020 to May 2021 are eligible for this year’s festival.

4. All work created or added into your short films must be copyright-free (either your own work or copyright-free assets).

5. Music videos of your own music and web series are welcomed. We accept all forms of video! 

6. Tik Toks will only be considered for their unique "Best Tik Tok" category.

7. Photos are also welcomed and will be considered under the category of "Best Photography."

8. In order to vote in the Audience Favourite category, you must sign up to be a part of this audience (the form will be posted soon)!!! 

9. Any music should be from the YouTube Audio Library or your own music. Any images used must be copyright free or of your own creation.

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